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Anchor for Drywall ( Plaster Board )

The Anchor is used for fixation in electrical, plumbing or housing work. If its purpose is the same as conventional (usually plastic or metal) anchors, the flat anchor does not require any pre-drilling, you hammer it into the plasterboard wall and the job is done. >

Manufacturing Details of Anchor

We manufacture Anchor for Drywall by imported Made in Germany carbon steel.

Anchor Pictures

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Anchor Wings



  • Easy to use

    Precise and easy to use thanks to its thin, serrated end

  • No drill needed

    Useful for home improvement no need for heavy tools such as a drill

  • Time saving

    Perfect for professional electric or plumbing work. It will save precious time

  • Stronger

    Stronger than conventional anchors, offers better resistance to fire

  • Holds tight, no loose in time

    Firm fixture, its two blades help fix the anchor into the wall and the screw in the anchor

  • Aesthetic

    Its wings prevent the anchor from sliding and do not protrude

  • No damage

    The anchor can be removed without leaving a gap in the wall